Association of the German Spice Industry

There are 92 spice processing and refining firms who are members of the German Spice Association. They are primarily engaged in refining spices and producing spice blends, spice preparations and other seasoning ingredients - in 2018 they made up to more than 1.2 billion Euros. Important partners of spice producers are spice importers: This is due to their commodity knowledge and trade experience, their world wide connections, specific local knowledge and permanent market observation.

Statistics reveal an annual import of around 131,000 t of spices into Germany, with quantitatively, pepper and paprika clearly leading, followed by nutmeg, caraway, coriander and ginger.

Through its trade, the spice industry meets the demand for spices in the household and gastronomy, as well as in the food service industry and resale business. At the same time in both the industrial and crafts sector, it has become the powerful partner of the food industry, especially in the meat processing sector.